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The short answer: it’s made of microgreens—aka nature’s most nutrient-rich plants.

Microgreens are 14-day old baby vegetables that are slightly older than sprouts. During this phase, key nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants are most concentrated.

Our greens are grown in an indoor, fully controlled farm—without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or additives—making them even cleaner and more sustainable than organic.

After harvesting, we freeze-dry our greens to eliminate all non-nutritive water weight. This means that pound for pound, Valhalx powder is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can find.

The final output: a microgreens super-concentrate with all the benefits of the raw plants but now in a more convenient format—easy to store, take on the go, and add to almost any food or drink.

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NO! Freeze-drying is actually a smart way to extend the shelf life of produce and preserve the food’s nutritional value. Most researchers agree that the amount of nutrients lost from freeze-drying is miniscule.

Freeze-dried food is made when frozen raw ingredients are placed in a refrigerated vacuum system and, without thawing, are dehydrated. The ice in the product is sublimated into water vapor. During the freeze-drying process, cell structure remains intact. This results in high-quality ingredients with the same color, shape, flavor, and nutrients of fresh product.

During our freeze-drying process, no additives or preservatives are used. This ensures a shelf-stable, but just as nutritious product that tastes just like fresh microgreens.

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Because Valhalx is made entirely of freeze-dried microgreens—without sweeteners or flavor enhancers—you can expect a subtle earthy taste. This mild flavor blends well into everyday recipes and does not overpower other ingredients.
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Valhalx greens are even safer than organic. Our microgreens powder is as farm-to-table as it gets. Sustainably grown and harvested in a controlled environment, without the use of any pesticides.
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Research shows that 9 out of 10 adults aren’t getting the daily recommended amount of greens. Based on statistics alone, chances are you’re one of them. It’s not your fault—most western diets don’t contain nearly enough green vegetables. Luckily, Valhalx makes getting your greens easy as pie. Our powder is made entirely of microgreens—the most nutrient dense plants on the planet. So nutrient dense, that just 3/4 tsp is equivalent to 6.7 cups of leafy greens.
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Many supplements brands find their ingredients globally, leaving them no real control over what goes inside (including additives, pesticides, and herbicides). But we don’t source our ingredients, WE GROW THEM!—inside a fully controlled, indoor farm outside Texas. Because of this controlled environment, we can promise you that we will always be free of pesticides, herbicides, and other additives—making our greens even cleaner and more sustainable than organic.

When it comes to flavor, you can expect a much more subtle taste than other greens powders out there. Because we use 100% microgreens, which are 40x more nutritious than the mature greens used in other greens powders, you get all the nutrients you need in only 3/4 tsp. Thanks to the small serving size (rather than a heaping spoonful), Valhalx incorporates into your existing routine effortlessly.

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